May 6, 2021 (Austin, Texas) – The Texas House Committee on the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence yesterday approved Senate Bill 207 to limit physician compensation and restrict access to essential health care. More than 60 doctors from across the state testified in hearings in March and April voicing strong opposition to the bill.

“With passage of SB 207, Texas is one step closer to Medicare for all,” said Christopher Chun, M.D., anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. “Despite being a proud conservative state committed to free markets, SB 207 will make Texas a leader for single-payer health care and be the death knell for competition and innovation.”

SB 207 will force physicians to choose between either accepting below-cost payment for care of patients in personal injury cases that is tied to the reimbursement rates set by the state for the workers’ compensation program or being subject to abusive discovery of private contracts and challenges to their medical judgment by anyone, regardless of their expertise or training.

“This bill opens the door to insurance companies driving down physician compensation even lower to the detriment of patients’ access to care,” said Andrew Indresano, M.D., orthopedic spine surgeon. “There is no doubt that if this bill becomes law, independent physician practices will be a thing of the past. This bill sets Texas on a race to the bottom for physician compensation, and patients who need health care will suffer the most.”